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‘Ladies quote high’- Ciku Muiruri advises women on unwelcome advances

It is not atomic science that women in the workplace are being asked for s3ual favors to get either a pay rise or any form of accreditation in the formal sector.

Ladies are not shying off one bit as this has become the order of the day to survive.

But what happens when you shrug off your predator? Do you think it ends well? Some ladies have been killed and tortured because of standing their ground. Most of the predators are normally very aggressive and persuasive in getting their way.


Ciku Muiruri/facebook
Ciku Muiruri/facebook

Ciku Muiruri has shed some light into what goes on to a woman in the workplace. Many men, whether married or not as we all know have some form of lust, and that fire needs to be quenched. Do you think a pretty face and a nice behind could go unnoticed? Yet you are wearing short skirts and dresses to the office. Sigh!

She continues to write about how she doesn’t know any woman who hasn’t been subjected to such acts in the office area. She advises ladies to not outrightly say “NO” because it will not end there and it won’t be rosy. By outrightly saying no, you are angering a man with a bruised ego and chances are you may either be fired or raped, killed or beaten till you accept the persons advances. Due to a state of fear you are most likely to give in.

Single men are smellier than those in relationships – Study

Muiruri advises women that they should never say no, but to quote a higher figure which will chase him away coz honey he can’t afford you. In cases where he claims he can afford you, sis,” take the money and run to the hills. Who says you have to sleep with him?” She adds.

In her book, ‘Love is just a Dream’ Ciku Muiruri deals with some hard truths in the book that will transform how we view relationships. Love. Lust. Power. Betrayal. Desperation. Greed. Addiction. Ecstasy. Insanity. Anger. Joy. Tears.

This book reflects the different faces of love.

Will men ever truly be satisfied with just one woman?

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