Maina Kageni

“Ladies, why will you let a man have lungula with you without protection?” Maina

Maina Kageni was concerned with the issue of why women allowed men to have lungula with them while those men were not wearing condoms.

He asked the ladies why they would let this happen?

The comments to his question came from both men and women


They can’t stand their feelings…like the other day I had finished doing it she is satisfied, ndio ananiuliza na ulivaa cd?? Now look

Hawataki Maina they don’t care kabisa.

Some of these men huwa wanatafuta yule mtoto wa bahati so akiangukia tu msichana mrembo ni kuweka mbegu akisoonga.

It’s called being a RAW abiding citizen. RAW is law. Smash it raw ..Alaaaaah…!!!

The thought of this diseases na kumeza dawa sends shivers to my spine esp ukiangukia ka new catch ata erection unalemewa. Encourage men to always use & have protection. It’s not all about Aids but even STIs.

Bhangi is not yet legalised and people are thinking and talking like this…. Now just ask yourself jeeee….! Ikawa legal how the situation will turn out to be…?

Lazima utoa karatasi ya sweet ndio ukule.

Tulitoka kwa mchanga na tutarudi kwa mchanga men aren’t cowards.

So sad, as most men in this age gap are married, then their spouses will get infected in the process, people need to think twice before engaging in some things.

Haki huyo ni wazimu, if that’s the men’s mentality, the society is heading in the wrong direction, regrets will follow.

Most men don’t care. Sex is in their mind unlike women, when he gets horny hana second thought yet we ladies suffer the most.

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