Ladies: This is how to dress for this cold weather and still look classy!

Dressing for the cold season and wanting to look classy can be uninspiring, to ensure that is possible, we have made it easy for you with these simple cold season wears!

Simple planning without much planning can keep you both warm and stylish without having to go out of your way to look stylish.

Or breaking the bank to look this good.

Here are ways you can dress for this cold season and put a little glitter to that gloom day.


1. Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi wearing a cute head-wrap and a long warm coat


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2. Tracy Wanjiru

Black can go with any blending color. TV Personality Tracy in a long brown winter coat


3. Jacky Vike (Awinja)


Jacky is the queen of fashion. The actress is in a long warm bomber jacket.


3. Vera Sidika 

To match the white , you can have some browns. Vera Sidika is in a white and an animal print blazer to pair it up.


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4. Mercy Masika

Gospel Musician Mercy Masika in a flowered outfit warm enough for a cold season.

5.Miss Chanty


Miss Chanty in a long denim coat that could be worn during the cold season and still look classy


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6. Phyasco

Phy, a Kenyan musician in an African print cold outfit paired with a long colorful scarf



7. Kate Actress

image-2019-06-10 (9) (1)
Kate Actress in a classy cold weather outfit. Black in a pint of beige is a definite plus



8. Patricia Kihoro




image-2019-06-10 (12) (1)
Patricia Kihoro in thigh boots blended in a long dress top . Definitely classy


9.Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame in a sweater top , a combination with brown boots!



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