Ladies, how many exes have you had in your life before your current man?

Mwalimu is still horrified, there is a lady who called in and the men were talking all over on twitter.

The woman said that she does not find any problem with spouses keeping in touch with exes.

The lady has five exes, and her husband knows it. Those exes are the best friends she has.

When she got her first baby, the first person to come see the baby was one of the exes, and she told her husband that her ex was coming to see her baby and he had no problem.

She added that when she went to pay dowry, she only invited her exes and they all came.

They are the closest people she has.

What horrified men, is the number of the exes this lady has. If you were to count the number of men you have had in your life, your husband is what number?

Mwalimu says as long as he concerned he is number two to his wife.

I know most men think they are either number two or three to their wives.

Ladies, your men think that they are the number one or two in your life.

How many exes have you had in your life before the current man?

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