Ladies, How Do You Live With Man Without Ambition? (Audio)

Todays morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina and Kingangi, Maina Kageni brought up a discussion about a lady who is happily married and her husband does his best. But this is where the problem is, they have never moved even a single step in terms of quality of life, since they got married 9 years ago.

They still live in the same one bedroom apartment he was living in before they got married. He has never bought a car or shamba and he still has the same job.

According to Maina;

“A man must have ambition, you must move ahead in life, take a step in the right direction, you cant stay in the same place you were 9 years ago and your happy!”

But with Mwalimu Kingangi, his thoughts were;

“We cannot all be Richard Branson or Chris Kirubi, kama mtu ametoshe na pale ako ni sawa and since they are happily married the lady should not complain.”

It can be so sad and annoying to have a man who has no ambition. They are so content with what they have no matter how little it is.

According to one caller the thing that contributes to man without a vision is because the ladies are not pushing their men. In other words the ladies are the problem. He even went ahead and quoted the famous quote ‘behind every successful man there is a woman.’

Others on social media claimed that everyone’s vision is not the same, there are those who are happy having food on the table others owning a plot. Some say they are trying but because they have mouths to feed they have nothing left to save.

Though later on, there is a lady who called saying;

‘Unaweza pata punda haitaki kuskumwa, unaisukuma na haiskumiki. Imekula na imekunywa maji but haisukumiki ama kusonga.’

Listen to the audio of the entire conversation below;

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