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NOT COOL! Ladies, Don’t Do These 5 Annoying Things Just To Get a Man To Treat You On Valentine’s Day

Every woman wants to be pampered by a man on the 14th of February because it’s a day that was set aside for all lovers around the world to appreciate each other.

For some, this day is not that important, because they believe that love should be celebrated each day of the year but for others, this day cannot go by without popping champagne with their better halves.

In another scenario, there are those kinds of women who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day but they don’t have boyfriends or husbands to do that with, and really wish they could have someone to take them out for a dinner or get an expensive gift for them.

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Some women will just appreciate and accept their single status, but for others, they will go to very weird and annoying extends to try and woo a man or get a boyfriend before Valentine’s Day.

As much as this seems okay, it’s the worst thing a woman can do to herself, come on, it’s just Valentine’s, not the end of the world. I mean, a guy could even lose respect for you when you push it too far.

So, dear ladies, take note and avoid these annoying behaviors just to get a Valentine date.

1. Revealing Too Much On Social Media
Yes, there are ladies out there who will start posting raunchy photos of themselves as soon as it’s February 1st. Others will show off busty cleavages, others post bikini photos showing their curvy bodies, while some will flaunt their big booties just to make men be tempted to contact her. Honie, he will only want you for ‘that thing’.

2. Nagging a Guy With Calls Or Texts
So now, there’s this cute guy you like and he’s not made a move and it’s a few days to Valentine’s Day. So you decide to reach out to him, and when he picks or replies your text once, you make it a habit, calling or chatting him at any time of the day, even when he ignores you, you still try to push it with your annoying calls. STOP!

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3. Trying To Ignite Old Flames
I know there are times ladies feel like maybe you can give your ex another chance, especially when he starts making moves on you towards Valentine’s Day. Then you start thinking with your heart instead of your head and end up giving in thinking that he wants to re-ignite your relationship… Girl, he will probably leave you that same week after he gets the goodies.


4. Posting Twerk Videos On Social Media
So you want to show off your twerking skills and how big your behind is so that men can salivate and try to contact you. Well, that might actually happen, and you might even be spoilt for choice, but that guy will only like you for your physical appearance, but not for your personality. So even if he calls you for a date on Val’s, he will probably disappear afterwards.

5. Indulging In ‘Male Bonding Activities’
So you suddenly want to watch football with him, compete with him and his boys on play station, or even take him to the barber shop. And all this happens towards Valentine’s, yet before, you could not stand him and his friends watching a match in the house. Trying to get into his male bonding zone is not going to make him treat you extra special on Valentine’s Day, it has to come from the man.







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