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How lack of a father figure affects a man’s future relationship

Having someone to call dad is great but having a father who is always there at every step of the way is priceless. With a world full of deadbeat dads, having one who’s there for you through thick and thin is something you can’t take for granted. Fathers shape boys into men and leave a flame they can always keep alive. But what happens when a man lacks a father figure in his life:

1. Behavioral Problems

Men who lack father figures generally have an intimidating persona. This behavior is as a result of an attempt to hide their fears and unhappiness. Most of time it manifests itself as bullying. Fathers play a pivotal role in shaping the masculinity abilities of a man and when this can’t happens most men have low self esteem and have a way to cover it up. This could involve with them turning violent at the slightest provocation.

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2. Drug abuse

This is something men without fathers easily pick up. Using drugs helps numb the pain of having to deal with no father in their lives.


It’s an easy escape route but leads to fatal problems like suicide. Women can’t take up the role of a father and for men in families where the father is absent, find it hard taking up masculine duties. In return, these men drown into alcoholism and drug abuse as they have try to vent their frustrations.

3. Future romantic relationship

How a man was raised has a lot to do with the way they handle their future romantic relationships. A man who hasn’t witnessed a wife-husband relationship finds it hard to navigate through the mucky waters of a marriage setup.

romantic gesture

They tend to overstep their grounds by bulldozing things they feel are rightfully theirs, for example se3, been cooked for and having their laundry done. It gets hard to reason out things with them as they feel they are the ones who should provide the rules of the house. This relationship ends up turning toxic and emotionally draining.

4. Violence

violent man

A child who has a father who disapproved crime acted as a crucial social control which helped counter negative influences for example peer crime. In a space where men felt being loved and approved, it proved enough to deter them from crime. Men with no fathers to look up to easily fell into crime as they had no one to guide them on being a responsible law abiding man.

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5. Poor academic performance

Male children from families with no father figure, shown a decline in their overall school performance. This was a result of higher rates of depression and negative feelings.


Truancy was also witnessed among these children with some been expelled from school. Having low academic performance affected the how their adult life would turn out to be. It dictated their self esteem, dependence on government aid, job prospects, income and poverty levels.

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