Kwisha! Does Bahati’s Girlfriend Diana Marua Also Have a SECRET CHILD? Shocking Details Emerge!

Could Bahati’s girlfriend Diana Marua also have a child that we don’t know about?

First, let’s go back to about two weeks ago when the gospel singer Bahati came out to unveil his biological daughter, whom he had kept a secret for 2 years, without showing her to the world at all, or even giving hints that he’s a dad.

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All hell broke loose when Bahati gave all the accolades to his girlfriend Diana Marua, instead of his baby mama, in his long post on social media while introducing the little girl to the world.


The drama went on after Diana also took to social media to share a photo with the little, innocent soul holding her, and talking about how pretty she looks, without the consent of the mother, Yvette Obura, or even a little praise to her.

The lovebirds didn’t seem concerned by the talk as they traveled to Zanzibar a few days after the fiasco, as Bahati’s baby mama went on to reveal that the Mapenzi singer actually cheated on her, and was never there for her when she was pregnant and afterward.

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But now, comedian Butita may have revealed something about Diana Marua that could mean she also has a child.


During The Trend with Larry Madowo, the male comedian revealed something about Bahati’s lover which left Larry, and the other hosts confused.

The presenters were talking about whether it was okay for Diana to post the photo without the mother’s consent, and when it was Butita’s turn, this is what he said;

Kwanza na apprecaite Bahati, amefanya poa, kurudi kuwa responsible, ni poa sana, than kukataa responsibility kabisa, ingekuwa mbaya. Lakini saa unajua pia, girlfriend yake Diana Marua, akona mtoi, sindio?

Larry was confused and only replied with an “I don’t know” as Ciru and Njambi just stared in amazement. Butita then continued:

Ushawai kuwa unacheza card na msee, ukatoa cardi zote kumbe amekufichia moja? Hiyo ndio case ya Bahati. Bahati alikuwa ameficha card.

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Could Diana Marua have a child of her own, and why hasn’t she revealed him/her? So far, the only kids she has flaunted on her social media are her sister’s children.

I reached out to Diana Marua but she was not available. We will keep you posted as soon as we get her comment on this story.




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