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‘Kwani ni mkate’ Mike Mondo tells spouses about not loving each other 100%

On the Tuesday morning conversation January 4th, Mike Mondo weighed in on the topic of debate on Twitter about percentages and love’

That apparently, spouses allocate the percentage they love their wife or husband.

Mike was worried about this trend asking ‘a lot of people today and I even asked a married woman how much do you love your husband, she said I love him 60 per cent and 40 is mine. and the argument is you are doing it it for sanity. what are you talking about, kama uko na mtu mbona usimlove 100 per cent? like why why must there be percentages?

ile percentage unbaki nayo what is it for? Can you imagine if Christ loved the church 60/40? Kwani ni mkate umepende 60/40?

A man called in the rest of the per centage ni ya kupiga damu. ‘I tried with my partner I almost died, I give her 60/ 65 ni yake the rest ni ya kupiga damu.

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