KTN News Anchor Yvonne Okwara Brutally Blasts Broke Dudes Who Party Day And Night

Of late, KTN news anchor, Yvonne Okwara has been imparting knowledge to anyone who cares to listen.

From warning young girls from falling for unscrupulous men to relationship advise for those already in long term unions.

Using her Facebook page, she has turned her attention to young men who are self proclaimed party animals who have to turn-up daily or every weekend.

She has advised young girls not to even look at a guy who doesn’t have a vision. Adding, “Think longterm.”

“If you are a single man, you are in your late 20’s- early 30’s and don’t have at least USD 5,000 in your savings account or in any investment asset, then this period in your life is NOT the period to be going to the club, making it rain, popping the bottles, getting turned up or spending your salary taking side-chics to KFC for lunch. This is the period in your life when you should be increasing your income, protecting your savings and laying the foundation for a strong financial destiny for your upcoming wife and kids.”

Yvonne added, “You may object that you want to enjoy your life today, but 10 years from now your wife and kids should not have to suffer due to your failure to think longterm today. 10 years from now, the accumulative amount of money you spend monthly on popping bottles and women will have been enough to pay for your 5 year old kid’s school fees at a good Junior School. Think Longterm.”

Mafans and team mafisi reacted.

Joshua Oyieko: So educative wards not only to the under 30s but to everyone who may want to have good future.

Edwin Pablo Sorin wrote, “Good advice but wait wait USD 5,000 is roughly 500,000 right?half a million to be precise right? With a salary of ksh.50,000,demanding siblings,tough economic times,Njoro yure Randrod bra bra,wazee wa mid 20s tuanze kufikiria biashara jo,kusema tu ukweli.”

Paul Karachia: Be real with the current price of unga how can saving $5000 possible?. For a young man like us in the village

Jared Nyakomita: It is true but unatuingilia sana sisi wanaume.Ladies should also save. It isnt only men who should save.

Fridah Thiauri: Very true indeed but ladies should also be there to help their man fulfil the vision he has direct him n also help each other to invest its possible if their is unity

Tonny Siekei: Did she mean to write Kshs.5000/- or USD 5000!!how many Kenyan’s under 35 years have that kind of money in their accounts!!

Rose Mzera Maina: ukweli wauma but pia ukweli hauozi take it or upuuze utapatana nao mbele na wakati huo wewe utakuwa unajuta na majuto ni mjukuu . so decide

Katua Georges: Not so easy ma dear in this times of unga even u until ufike apo kuolewa drinks ulikua unapelekwa na jamaa kama bro wako na ata wewe ulipeana ikaliwa ukijibu kula yote niyako na labda hao wasee hukuwaalika…so stop this innocence n live as u living in China were u wake up run to the sea pik some probes n make sushi..I got ma eyes on u next week ntasoma kwa gazeti atii..,.

Brian Bspeed Kamadi: Tangu uolewa you have become an instant Mugabe. Kumbe marriage inaleta wisdom hope you will use the same advice ama tutasikia divorce very soon

Kibe Kariuki: I make 10k how would I have 500k by now?? Even if I saved everything and starved my self to death..Kenya is f*cked up..marriage ain’t in my portfolio

Josey Osubo: The chiks side says their husbands cash belongs to both of them..her’s is her’s alone..sadly..remember that.

Cheryl Lyndah wrote: “500k…wow…what about that man who doesnt earn as much as yours.should they rob a bank?????”

Meanwhile if you are in a relationship, here are some pointers from Yvonne to gauge how you are doing…


1. If someone really cares for you like they say they do, they will go out their way to make sure that you stay relevant in their

2. The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through the hard times and laugh with you after the hard times pass.

3. Research shows daydreaming leads to improved learning, enhanced abilities, greater creativity and increased success.

4. Ages 23 and or 69 are Considered the most happiest ages for both men and women.

5. Within 90 seconds, a woman already knows whether she’s attracted to you or not.

6. Women pay more attention to guys who can make them laugh, this characteristic makes that person more attractive.

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