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Kutupa pesa kwa sewage! Kenyans say on paying Sh10 million bride price for socialite Shakilla?

Shakilla is one socialite who thrives on saying the craziest things online. From claiming to have had s3x with some of the most famous male celebs online to random rants online that make no sense.

Last week, the socialite said that her bride price would be no less than Ksh 10 million. Not only that, the lady insisted that the price should also include 15 bulls!

That led us to conduct a poll. Do you agree with her assessment? Kenyans did not agree with her opinion and did so in overwhelming numbers. A screenshot of the results are below:

Shakilla poll
Shakilla poll

Kenyans commented on the poll below;

Si heri ninyonge

Kwani anakam na miracles babies.

Kwani does she come in pull package??

Kwani ako na nni, yake ni ya gorofa

No way.

Yes if her pussy has stairs.

Are people still paying dowry??

Afadhari nizikunywe sabinaJoy.

Kwani ana nini crude oil?

That’s nonsense.

Ni kama kutupa pesa kwa sewage.

She ain’t even worth a bob.

Ujinga Kwani is she an investment assets???ubombo heri ni nyonge maisha yangu yote.

Before stating a figure as bride price the lady and family should imagine if they are ready to refund the bride price incase it must be refunded. Nowonder those whose high bride price is paid rarely have peace in marriage.

10 Million shilling doesn’t match the value of human being.. bride price is a sign of appreciation and honor to a woman’s parents not a debt to pay or a life compensation!

As njugush once said”heri nilale karura na mambweha”.

Ata 20k is a no.

The women we want are priceless.

Mbuzi moja iko na minyoo is enough.

10 Million wapi ata Kim Kardashian alipeanwa free kwa Kanye west.

That ghetto rat with nothing to put on the table apart from worn out organs with STI.

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