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Kenyan impresses KRA after figuring out difficult ‘mazimatics’ log in query


Did you successfully file your 2019 tax returns by the set deadline 30th June?

Many did, except for someone who shares a screenshot of how difficult it was to log in to file returns.

A Kenyan tagged KRA with hours to go to the deadline telling them how ‘they got jokes’.  Why?

Because he had a difficult time filing out log in details onto the itax portal (see picture above)

As the infamous deadline drew closer, the Kenyan shared how his filing experience was on the Itax Portal. One of the steps required filing out a code to access the account.

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So to help a brother out, a Twitter user Den Den Mushi responded saying he had figured out how to work out the math query.
Say no More

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KRa responded through its official Twitter account saying
Kumbe kuna watu wa mazmatic? ^JM

KOT shared their amusement at the math problem:

You do all this math to file a NIL return

Hii napeleka photomath na mambo kwisha

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Makau F. Muli..
Really, KRA cannot be serious.

Jeshi ya nil returns security question ni addition ya numbers between 0-9

What a deviation formula used by the KRA

That system can make you feel paranoid about your intelligence

All this for zero returns.. Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy

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Mnapea mtu hesabu ngumu design hii then you expect me to go ahead and file my returns, how? You’ve every reason to waive subsequent penalties

Kama hii ndo ingekuanga security stamp, KRA wangekua washanichota all my assets including my fridge

After hii yote ulitakaje Sasa? Pouting facePouting face Mi hutanisumbua aki,. Lock account baas

How did you find the tax filing process?

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