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KPL gives plans for 2015 season

The KPL governing body met on Tuesday and approved fixtures and plans for the 2015 KPL  season.

After wrangles in the  2014 season  KPL declared it will now ignore any FKF decisions and threats which violate the previous FIFA and FKF-KPL cooperation agreements and arrangements over the last decade.

During the meeting it was agreed that the Council decided to refocus on it’s limited resources on continuing to make the KPL one of the most corruption-free, professionally managed, highly competitive and widely admired leagues in Africa.

The plans settled upon include :

1. The season will kick off on Saturday, February 21, 2015.

2. There will be  16 teams as recommended by FIFA, this will include the top 14 teams in 2014.

3. If any  KPL teams renege on or refuse to sign the new legally binding agreement, then the League will proceed without them.

4. KPL will respect the FIFA principle of relegation and promotion and the last two teams will be relegated and two teams promoted at the end of the season.

5. On the selection, testing and appointment of match officials, the Governing Council agreed to abide by the FKF-KPL joint arrangements as in  previous years. However, if FKF refuses to cooperate, then from February 9th KPL will undertake those functions directly. If, as it has threatened to do, FKF bans the match officials selected by KPL, then KPL will insist that those bans all be rescinded before engaging in any future discussions with FKF.

On the IDCC and appeals, the Governing Council agreed to maintain their membership. Other KPL decisions included:

6. The referees fees will be raised for the year 2015 season.

7. The documents in the KPL Dossier to FIFA Ethics Committee are now public documents and can be found on the KPL website.

8. FKF must confirm recognition of KPL as the Company charged with clubs in running the Premier League.


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