KOT show support for Citizen journalist for on air mishap


A Citizen TV journalist is trending online after making a mistake while breaking news about the arrest of MP Ndindi Nyoro.

We all make slip ups in our job reporting whether online, on air or elsewhere.

Victor Kinuthia caught the attention of KOT when his English mistake was noted. It is said he is a reporter for a Kikuyu station, and being his first time reporting in english he blundered and ‘murdered’ the Queens language.


Fellow journalists have come out to defend him, narrating their experiences as rookies, and in general the challenges faced in this industry.
Yvonne Okwara-Matole wrote
It was his first time. He will get better with time. We all start somewhere. We will train him.
Francis Gachuri..
Victor Kinuthia will be FINE. He was thrown deep end as journalism demands in such a breaking news situation. He has the right attitude and with self belief, confidence and a winning spirit, Victor is destined for greatness. We will accord him all the support.

KOT have also sought to reassure him that it will get better
Ondari Clive..
Those ridiculing Victor are the same that think knowing English is a measure of inteligence. He reports for Inooro TV, I wouldnt point a finger. #KOTLoyals should condemn these bastards.
. Its uncouth of us Kenyans
reporter who made the common rookie mistake that we all can do… Show him love and support. He will be fine
Dennis Kiplimo™ ..not be an expert in Journalism matters but all I know is that the situation Victor Kinuthia was in, is not that easy. I hope someday he tells a story of how this motivated him to keep going.
Y’all should know how tough it is for a guy born & raised in likes of Murang’a, Nyeri, Nyandarua & Kirinyaga to confidently speak good English. Victor Kinuthia even with his Homeland accent tried. Ain’t the best English speaker but must acknowledge he’s well updated with his beat
Hussein Mohamed..
In many professions, you hide your mistakes. In journalism, you broadcast them. So give Victor Kinuthia a break. Was his first live link in a chaotic scene. He’ll learn like many of us. Let’s revisit this when he makes it in a few years, In Sha Allah

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