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KOT amused at NTV’s viciously hilarious but catchy headlines



NTV has of late been having brilliant headlines to drive the point home about stories the media house is covering.

Even KOT have noticed as much are are damn impressed.

I have lost my dad & job in two weeks! Fired NTV reporter narrates

Many are speculating that the person/individual behind the catch phrases is Dr Kingori, but how now? We would love you to respond to the allegations Kingori.

Werner Bro..
Kazi ya Dr. Kingori hiyo Face with tears of joyntvheadline3

#TTTT Ntv at it again mwana sheria it is

Kenyans support Ken Mijungu following his shocking sacking from NTV


This NTV guy needs a medalntvheadline9

Idk what NMG is paying the person in charge of NTV headlines but man they need a raise
They never missntvheadline2

Honestly sometimes the story is so sad but the headline is fu**ing hilarious manntvheadline8

Whoever makes those headlines deserves a raisentv headline 4

Collins Ogutu..
I’m glad NTV retained the guy doing their headlines. May he keep doing what he loves!

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