KNUT asks parents to support the planned Monday strike

Parents have been asked to support the teachers strike that is scheduled to take place on 5th Monday 2015 by Elgeyo Marakwet KNUT secretary John Cheberi.

Speaking in Marakwet teachers Sacco hall in Kapsowar, Cheberi said parents should not send their children to public schools on Monday as teachers will down their tools if teachers service commission (TSC) does not meet their demands.

“We will not be in class, but instead we will be on the streets fighting for our rights.” said Cheberi.

He said the government should present a counter proposal offer and begin the process of negotiation if it expects teachers to report to work on Monday.

Cheberi said teachers have been patient but the government has taken their patience for granted.

He accused the salaries and remuneration commission (SRC) for being a stumbling block in teachers’ struggle for better remuneration.

“SRC failed to slash MPs’ and MCAs’ salaries and now the commission wants to stop teachers from getting a salary increase.” He said.

He said the county has a shortage of 1,600 teachers in both primary and secondary schools.


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