Knowing how thoughts influence eating could help fight obesity, researchers say

Just thinking about whether or not your food is healthy could make you eat less and lose weight, according to a study.

Researchers discovered that people eat less food when they think about how it will affect their body.

People choose smaller portion sizes if and when they are encouraged to focus on what nutritional value a meal has.

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Instead of thinking about how good it’ll taste.

In addition, the study found people of any weight naturally choose smaller portions of food when they think rationally about what different food does to their body.
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Research by the University of Tübingen in Germany shows the way people think about their food influences how much they eat in one sitting,according to Mail Online.

People thinking about how much pleasure they will get from the meal or how filling it will be end; up eating more.

Meanwhile,those thinking about the effect the food will have on their health choose to eat less.

In conclusion,participants in all weight categories selected smaller portions when prompted to think about health.

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