‘Know Your Weakness And Strength’ – Akothee Advises

Akothee is best known as the one woman who is always open to speak her mind no matter what people might think about her. She serves zero chills every time she has something or an issue to address.


Well, Akothee has not been fine ever since she lost her dear grandfather whom she loved wholeheartedly. She has shared her emotions on social media a number of times and even released a tribute song to her granddad.

But she has taken her time to talk to her fans, to advice them to never pay attention to what people say and to figure out what exactly works for them so as to better their lives.


She said, “If I listened to people I would not have been where I am today, I don’t move with the crowd I always go the opposite direction, somethings needs personal identity, identify yourself, know your capacity, know your weaknesses and strength, most people love the comfort zone its easily achieved, and they are the best at cursing successful people, never listen to the loud voice, that small inner voice that you feel in your stomach is your angel, follow it, the rest will adjust.”

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