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What we know about Vera Sidika’s new mystery man


Vera Sidika is in love and once again teasing a new man in Nyali, Mombasa.

Vera, who relocated to Mombasa, is doing her best to hide her new boo.

A series of photos left us wondering who the mystery man might be. But we have some clues.

In his Youtube series, Vera confessed to Kiss FM’s Jalango that

“There is someone else who is special and I am so happy I have even added ‘happy’ weight. I am in a relationship and very happy.”

While showing off how she is working out daily, Vera showed snippets of her boo, just a bit to get us curious.

Showing off the results of the workout, and of course a view of Nyali, the curvylicious socialite is clearly and well over her split from her former lovers.

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He is unlike Otile and the Tanzanian doctor. He is a dark skin fella, from the snippets offered to us.

He is an exercise freak. Vera spoke of how he makes her run and won’t budge. Well she also doesn’t mind because she also admitted to Jalang’o that she has added that happy weight women put on when they are in love. Exercising as a couple is good and we are here for it.


Thirdly we have spotted some tattoos on his arms.

He appears to love jewelry.


He has a sort of mohawk and it’s blonde.

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*insert red heart emoji* C’mon Vera just show us who he is already. We can’t keep calm!

How besotted is she with this mystery man?

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