car made by kitale student

Kitale students excites Kenyans with model of solar powered car

The internet is awash with photos of a car made by a Kitale student.

Kenyans on Twitter are excited about it.

One twitter user shared the students story. He wrote;

30-year-old Samuel Karumbo from Kitale polytechnic has developed small solar-powered car at a small garage tucked in Langas Eldoret Town that can cover about 50 km in a day KINDLY RETWEET to enable this guy get assistance to further his innovation.

Anne – Margaret‏ ….Good. That should be made the official car of all MPs, Senators and MCAs.

Peter kamau‏ …Kwanini inakaa Ile cart huzungusha smokie?

Don Barzini‏ …he should sell it and make two more then sell them and so on. Akingoja gava atajiju

Evans A‏ ….Please please the idea is great but the design is an embarrassment . Make something beautiful sir. When a good idea is dressed in rugs , the investors might not look under the hood.

Solomon Karori‏ …If a Kenyan can do this with all these corruption, imagine what people can do WITHOUT corruption. Kenya is a great Country, despite a few corrupt people

Dr. GB‏….Watu tunakula na huyu kalimeni ako busy kuunda gari ya 50km, halafu atakuja kutusumbua tumpee HSC., na tukikula NYS hakukuwa na sisi

somFM‏ …Government should produce this car in mass and give to chiefs instead of buying cheap Chinese motorbikes

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