Kisumun man lynched by a mob for killing woman and stuffing body in a suitcase

An angry mob in Kisumu lynched  a man yesterday after finding the body of a woman he had killed stuffed in suitcase in a bid to hide it.

According to The Star the body had stab wounds in the neck and thigh and the throat was slit. the murders took place at Car Wash, Manyatta estate.

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Residents raised an alarm after hearing a commotion and rushed to the man’s house only to find blood oozing from  a suitcase and on opening it found the womans lifeless  body .

The residents raised the alarm and other wananchi cornered the man as he tried to flee.

The building’s security guard, Michael Odhiambo, said the man and woman came home at 3am. “The two were not talking when they arrived. They got into the house and [started playing] loud music,” he said.

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Odhiambo had never seen the woman before. He said the man usually comes and leaves at night.

“When I heard the commotion I locked the gate and alerted police but the suspect attempted to escape through the back door before being cornered by the mob,” Odhiambo said.

A source said the man picked up the woman at a nightclub in Kondele. She said the woman was a commercial sex worker.

Kisumu county police boss John Kamau said they have launched investigations.

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