Kingangi endlessly mocks Maina over ‘failed’ relationship with Shiru

It’s a new year and time to make new goals.

Mwalimu Kingangi returned to work Monday morning January 10th and the first thing he did was to mock Maina about his supposedly failed relationship with Shiru who returned to Kenyan for the holidays.

Kingangi told Maina to shower and return to the streets, promising to help him find ‘the one’.

Maina was tickled and told him ‘no thanks’.

Mwalimu told him that maybe he needs to take a different approach, and he is here to help his firend achieve that goal this 2022.

Maina said ‘my holiday was great. I was pretty much around. I played so much Golf, and I made alot of money, let me tell you that,

Kingangi congratulated him asking what his resolution for 2022 is. Kageni thought responding ‘My resolution? I didn’t make any’

So Kingangi reminded him about Shiru saying he ‘failed’ to make any meaningful moves, adding that ‘naeza kukutafutia’ Shiru alilipa fare akuje hapa, na hakuna kitu?

Maina laughed it off, movign on to another conversTION.

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