They cannot give up – King’ang’i makes a passionate appeal to the youth

Maina and King’ang’i had a very tragic conversation today. The two spoke about the news report by Sky News that revealed the identity of the man who died after stowing away on a Kenya Airways plane back in June.

Maina introduced the story by saying, ‘Paul Manyasi has made the news. After being a stowaway. He went until London. Temperatures are minus 60 degrees. It is 8 hours away. He fell from the sky just when the plane was landing.’

Kenya Airways direct flight to New York
Kenya Airways direct flight to New York

At this point King’ang’i interjected and had a passionate appeal for the youth who are desperate to leave the country. He said,

‘The opportunities that we need are in the country are still here. For him to take the risk to go to London is no joke. They(youth) should not give up. They cannot give up! This is where the future is. Wanaenda wapi? The leaders come and go. One day we will have good leaders.’

This prompted Maina to ask viewers whether they would leave the country for better economic prospects if they could? The answers were nearly unanimous with most responses showing the dire state the Kenyan economy is in.

One caller told King’ang’i, ‘Stop telling people that there are opportunities in the country. What can you do with 9k? He had nothing to lose.’

Another chimed in saying, ‘It is a hopeless case. Get me that Ausi VISA and I am gone.’ The final caller explained how living abroad was much better than being in Kenya.

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‘I lost 250k trying to go to Canada. I decided to go to Dubai for 3 years. Everybody is asking me when are you going back? Everybody is chasing me. If you want to open a business in Kenya, everything looks horrible. I am a business administrator and everything I get I save. I have to leave my wife here cause I am earning a lot when I am abroad.’

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