Kingangi astonished at man who paid the price of a probox for ‘twa twa’


A househelp has been jailed for three years after he employer alleged she had stolen Sh1.3 million from him.

The housemaid stunned the courtroom when she insisted the man had paid her for some good ‘twa twa’.

Ruth Khaecha testified in January that she did not steal Sh1,350,000 from employer Paul Mwang at Balozi Estate in Muthaiga. She said she earned the money, Sh800,000 as a reward for providing “good twa twa”.

On January 3, she testified that Mwangi came home early with a bag containing envelopes. He told her the envelopes contained money and even showed her.

…this time I decided to give him perfect service like never before, as I was aware it was going to be a life-turning moment for me and my children.

‘I played my role well’ Maid defends taking Sh800,000 from boss for ‘twa twa’

 The story astonished Maina Kageni and Mwalimu who discussed the topic on Monday.
Mwalimu found it incredible that a man spent worth a probox to get twa twa.
He said, ‘

‘800k probox nzima? Aii, because of appreciation? Weuh, was that aone day of payment ama? Is she from Uganda? A whole Vitz that you can start Uber services? Aki yao’

Maina also wondered how much men are spending for good services, to which male callers responded that they prefer maids because they are sweeter than their wives.

One caller said:

You see we are being told to eat natural food because that is what is good. and house girls like natural food are very tasty, they give you a nice time, leave these girls of town. The natural smell is the one that makes the machine wake up so if a woman is smelling perfume they can’t entice you, that’s why men go with maids they have a natural smell, they entice men. We have been told to eat natural food and any woman that is natural is attractive, that is what attracts a human being, lik kienyeji chicken, that is why men go with housemaids, that is what makes men perform.

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