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King Mswati’s order to men to be polygamous excites the internet


Reports alleging that Swailand’s King Mswati has ordered men to marry two wives by June 2019 has the internet excited.

But the government of eSwatini on Tuesday angrily denied the viral online reports.

The story, first published on Monday, said the government would sponsor marriage ceremonies and offer houses to men who entered into polygamous marriages.

It said the king “has declared in… Swaziland that men will from June 2019 be required to marry at least two or more wives or be jailed if they fail to do so”.

Government spokesman Percy Simelane called the story “malicious” and “poisonous”.

“His Majesty has not made any pronouncement to that effect as it has never been an issue raised,” by the people, Simelane said.

He said the story was “not only an insult to the monarchy and the culture of eSwatini but a disgrace to journalism”.


But despite all that men are super excited and are gearing up for a move to the Kingdom. Here are some responses to the story:

We are all rushing to eSwatini

Since y’all wanna move to eSwatini do y’all have passports?

So, who of you are off to Eswatini? πŸ˜… #Swaziland

I’ve always wanted to have a girlfriend of my own but in my country we share, so I’m off to Eswatini to have 2

It’s been confirmed. Next year’s men conference will be held in Swaziland(eSwatini)!!!! Thank you your Majesty for hosting us.πŸ™ŒπŸΎ.

So are all SA men moving to ESwatini πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡Ώ?

Swaziland_Eswatini am on the way. I like my women like thisπŸ«β˜•

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