King Kaka’s wife was body shamed because of her weight

King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti says she struggled to try to lose weight.

Nana in a Qand A session she had with her followers, talked of a point in her life where she had gained a lot of weight.

At that period of life, people used to despise her and bully her on the streets.

Her journey to lose weight started because she used to have so much weight and she considered that she wanted a bit of peace in her life.

She is glad she took that path because, at the moment, her body is impeccably impressive.

“Story of my life. I have struggled with weight before and even been bullied on these streets.”

In a past interview, she shared her anguish with body shamers and by being called King Kaka’s mama friend for gaining weight.

She revealed that she moved from about 66kgs to 88 Kgs after delivering her youngest kid and that’s where her troubles began.

She revealed that the online bullying aggravated when King Kaka publicly proposed to her and people noticed her plumpness, with some brazen enough to argue that she didn’t deserve to be married.

Nana went on to divulge that she used to cry for days on end as she hadn’t quite learned to love and accept herself for who she was, something she has learned to do over time.

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