Nana Owiti with King Kaka

King Kaka was asked to go for tumor marker tests says wife Nana


King Kaka opened up about being sick for three months in a note that he did not elaborate about.

With his wife, the couple have been speaking about how challenging their time in his sickness has been difficult.

‘He is much better,’ King Kaka’s wife update fans on his health

Nana has been saying King Kaka will tell the world what is wrong and in her latest message to him, she told about a diagnosis that devastated them.

She told about how they were asked to go for tests owing to major signs.

“I remember when the doc suggested we do the tumor markers test. He definitely had his reasons I mean you exhibited all the signs and that opened a whole Pandora’s box in my head. The tests were to be done the next morning.”

A tumor marker is a substance found in your blood, urine, or body tissue. The term “tumor markers” may refer to proteins that are made by both healthy cells and cancer cells in the body. It may also refer to mutations, changes, or patterns in a tumor’s DNA. Tumor markers are also called biomarkers.

Doctors may use tumor marker tests to learn if you have cancer. These tests can also help doctors to learn more about your cancer and help to plan treatment.

She added they went down on their knees to pray

“That night I could barely sleep..I lay in bed worried and doing one thing I’m always perfect at,overthinking. I woke you up in the middle of the night to kneel down and pray beside the bed. You obliged. Your knees weak so you put a pillow under..I don’t remember crying as much as I did as I prayed…I asked God for peace in my head and in my heart and a clean bill of your health instead He answered through you… I don’t know how you slept so soundly to this day. Yaani we are testing for cancer in your body in the morning and you sleep throughout the entire night???!! I want Notes 📝 Overthinkers in the house, you feel me? @thekingkaka we want notes 🗒
To forever with you ”




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