King Kaka tackles police brutality in ‘Tena’

King Kaka is back with another society conscious song yet again. His new song titled Tena features the talented band Jadi. As new-age activism and revolutionary music slowly takes shape, King Kaka has been in the forefront.

With the rampant cases of police brutality in Kenya especially during curfew hours, Kaka has shown his poetic muscle once again in this emotional and powerful piece.

Jadi, who also produced the track, added the perfect vocals that bring out the sombre mood of the circumstances surrounding the song.

In the video, directed by Steve Mugo, King Kaka brings back the memories of the two fallen Kianjokoma brothers, Benson Njiru, 22, and Emmanuel Mutura, 19 who succumbed to injuries suspected to be due to police brutality.

The poignant video shows a mother trying to call her two boys who could no longer answer their phones. The young lads are played by popular actors Bryan Kabugi and Sammy King.


Once the news of the death of the brothers broke out, Kenyans were up in arms protesting the meaningless killings. The cry, #JusticeForKianjokomaBrothers, gained traction with Kenyans from all walks of life speaking up to condemn the killings and calling for accountability for their deaths.

The protests attracted celebrities and politicians to the cause.

King Kaka has been vocal in highlighting societal ills. In 2019, the rapper took the country by storm with his song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ calling out Kenyans for their hypocrisy.

Through a hard knuckle approach, he laid bare the corruption that has mauled all sectors of the economy, provoking political leaders who responded fiercely through social media platforms.

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In Tena, King Kaka reminds us to keep fighting and not forget the ones we have lost even as time passes by.

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