Kim Kardashian Is A New Mom, And Here Could Be Her Daughter’s Name!

Kanye West has admitted that he ‘can’t think’ of a name for their newborn daughter.

But Kim Kardashian, 36, seemed to drop a hint on Wednesday as she shared a snap of the iconic Louis Vuitton print without any explanation or caption.

Fans began to speculate the snap was suggesting the name of Kim and Kanye’s baby – who they welcomed via surrogate on Monday.

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The comments read: ‘is this a hint? Louis Vuitton?? Did she name her daughter this???’; ‘I see lots of Louis Vuitton and lots of Donda suggestions here….I think we can all agree that if this baby isn’t named Louis Vuittonda it’s a completely missed opportunity.

‘Kim I was hoping you named your daughter Donda like Kanye’s mommy.’; ‘Can’t wait to meet Louis!so the baby’s name is louis vuitton?’; ‘I feel like her child name is going to be Elvie (as in LV for Louis Vuitton) or simply Vuitton’.

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