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Poll results-Kenyans blame Kim Kardashian vote marriage failing with Kanye West

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s marriage is done and dusted. The Hollywood couple which had been together for more than 7 years announced that they would be splitting up earlier this year.

Not many were shocked considering the incidents and controversies that surrounded the couple after Kim’s robbery in Paris and Kanye’s mental breakdown.

Since then it seemed that the couple had been facing a rearguard action trying to stabilize what once looked to be a very happy(despite the reservations many had) marriage.

Kim Kardashian spotted crying while meeting Kanye West at his farm (photos)

The two were able to get 4 kids together(an anomaly among today’s Hollywood couples) during their time together. Not only that, they each added substantial wealth into their pockets during their marriage with Kanye becoming a billionaire with Kim just shy of the billion-dollar mark herself.

For some, the end of their marriage was a confirmation that a marriage with a Kardashian and in essence pointing the finger at her.

Others meanwhile blamed the increasingly erratic behaviour by Kanye as the source of contention for the relationship. While it takes two to tango, there is almost always a bigger contributor in a relationships malaise and failure when one goes digging.

And that is a question that I put to the Classic105 audience. Who did they think had caused the failure of their relationship?

In a majority decision, many Kenyans blamed Kim Kardashian. Check a screenshot of the poll results below:

Kim Kardashian vs Kanye West poll
Kim Kardashian vs Kanye West poll

One commentator blamed Kanye saying, “Kanye caused it by having a weak frame,” while another said Kim was at fault, writing, “It has to be the woman, it’s always a woman.”

What do you think?

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