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Kilimani woman found slaughtered, body dumped in bathtub only days after returning from South Sudan

Police are investigating the gruesome murder of a 28-year-old businesswoman who was found dead at an apartment in Kilimani.

The body of Monicah Nyawira was on Friday found inside a bathtub by her sister who came visiting.

The sister told police they had to break into the house having failed to get a response after knocking several times.

They were shocked to find the body in the bathroom with a slit neck. Nyawira lived alone.

The late Monica Nyawira. /TWITTER

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Her hands had also been tied from behind with a rope, an indication that Nyawira was tortured before being killed.

According to the relatives, Nyawira had just returned to the country on Thursday from South Sudan where she worked.

She was scheduled to Fly to Dubai on Friday evening. Police questioned a caretaker and guards at the flats.

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