Kilifi church group does stunts in ‘exorcism’ attempt

A group of “servants of God” on Thursday somersaulted over an illness-ravaged family in Kilifi county in a bid to kick out alleged demons.
The Wahudumu group from Kenya Revival Church were summoned by a family of 14, mostly girls, in Bondeni village, Malindi town.

“I have had problems with my sight for three years, went to hospital in vain at least am feeling better after this service,” family head Francis Katana told journalists.

His wife Priscah said the home has been plagued by diseases and poverty after an unsuccessful job-hunt in Lamu by Francis. “When he came back, I thought it better to invite the servants of God to conduct prayers to cleanse the family,” she said.

The group tied the legs of the family members, allegedly to prevent the demons’ powers from confronting the healer. They smeared coconut oil on the family and poured buckets of water on them, before doing somersaults over their bodies.

“Get out, you devil. You have no powers in front of God,” the female head of the healers said. Some neighbours said they had never seen such prayers while others said they would help cleanse the family. The head of the servants of God refused to talk to journalists.

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