Kikuyu ‘couple’ terrorizing Mpesa agents in Embu beaten mercilessly and stripped naked (Photos)

Cases of men and women conning unsuspecting Mpesa agents have been rampant of late.

Yesterday, a man identified as Geoffrey Kamu Maina (32) and a woman Elizabeth Wanjiru Kamau (29) were nabbed while trying to deposit Sh50,000 fake currency at an Mpesa outlet in Embu town.

The two, believed to be a couple, according to sources have been terrorizing Mpesa agents in Embu town and yesterday, they were caught red-handed.

Faith Wambui, an Mpesa agent, suspected the authenticity of the currencies and raised an alarm, which attracted tens of people to her shop.

Elizabeth and Karanja were in the company of another accomplice who managed to escape leaving the two in the hands of the rowdy residents.

They were given a dog’s beating and the woman was stripped to her birthday suit and forced to walk around the town.

The suspects were later rescued by the police.

Here are the photos

Embu Mpesa cons

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