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Kidum reveals the first time he met his firstborn son and more(Exclusive)

Kidum was recently blessed with a new son. We called the singer and spoke to him about the birth, his children and his family life.

Kidum on stage
The singer on stage

He said that he was delighted to have a seventh child and that he was seriously considering naming his child Kajiado.

Kidum holding his new-born
The artiste holding his new-born

Was his wife happy with the name? He said that she didn’t have a problem with it and explained in deep detail why he had settled on the name.

He said;

I was in Kajiado two weeks before the boy was born. We went there and we treated very well. I promised the owner of the place(Empeut resort) that I would perform for him, which would be in 2 weeks time. When I went to perform there 2 weeks later, my wife was in maternity and I was absent. I will explain to him why he is called Kajiado(In the future).

Kidum and his wife
Kidum with his wife, Josephine

He also revealed that his wife’s name was Josephine Mugore and that the two had been together for 8 years. The couple has two children together; A daughter Nicole and the aforementioned Kajiado.

Kidum said that he stays will all of his children, even the first 5 that he had with two other previous women. The singer detailed that those women had their own lives that they were living and that he believed strongly that a father should be involved in his children’s lives, adding;

I am the one who goes to school and even the parent’s meetings.

Kidum with his big family
Kidum with his big family

He also explained that his firstborn son was born when the singer was still in secondary school. He said that that son was now 25-years-old. He also shockingly divulged that he first saw him when he was 9-years-old! He said that his mother brought him to see Kidum while he was performing at a show in Rwanda.

Since then he said that he had taken care of him and in 2014 he took him to Canada to study there. He said that being a father has been challenging and that he tries to make sure he treats his children fairly despite them having 3 different mothers.

Kidum and his wife and daughter on stage
Kidum and his wife and daughter on stage

And is music something that his children are interested in? The singer replied that apart from his first-born the rest of his children shown an inclination for the art that he has excelled at saying;

It is in their blood. They watch me a lot on T.V and they want to follow me.

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