Kids Will Always Be Kids! This Is What Tina Kaggia’s Son Did That Left Her Speechless

Tina Kaggia has got to be one of the hottest and most ravishing mothers in Kenya, looking like a 21-year-old, when in fact she’s a proud mother of three.

The mellow-voiced radio presenter is happily married to comedian and former radio presenter JB Masanduku and they are blessed with two children, a son and the newest addition to the family, an adorable baby girl.

Tina’s first-born daughter however is from a previous relationship, and she is a brilliant 9-year-old daughter who’s book smart and always leading with top grades in her class.

Well, the best part of being a mother is watching your children grow up, even when they do things that can be annoying, especially in that naughty stage of their lives, but I bet you can all agree that these form some of the best memories for a parent. This is what Tina experienced over the weekend.

Her son poured infant formula powder that is meant for her toddler, which left Tina speechless and in disbelief. She could not help but share this with her Instagram fans. She captioned the first picture with:

And that’s how a whole tin of formula went to waste 😠😠😠 #Lions #Formula #Why!!!

In another photo, her son is seeing mixing the formula with water, with his mother writing this alongside the picture:

Then he made milk….

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