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“Kiboko Tu Ndio Sikubeba” Teacher Wanjiku Teaches Eric Omondi A Lesson

Amidst controversy surrounding Eric Omondi’s indecent exposure with children, Teacher Wanjiku, a fellow comedian has come to his rescue.

If you are late to the party, Omondi posted a clip of himself naked, accompanied by several young boys, playing in the stream. The video attracted public outcry; from social media influencers to media personalities.

Ezekiel Mutua even chimed in, calling out the entertainer and quoting the constitution, classifying the act as a crime.

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Knowing that he had already messed up badly, the comedian took to Instagram to apologize for his mistake, leaving many confused why he was apologizing. There was a rift between his followers, some of whom said that people should taking things too seriously while others hurled endless insults at him.

This comes several weeks after he hit headlines for a raunchy photo of himself wearing shorts, allegedly with no underwear, making his supposedly large testicles hang like a pair of fruits.

Teacher Wanjiku took to Instagram to say that she had just met Omondi to share with him a piece of her mind.

This is what she said:

eric omondi

“My meeting today with @ericomondi : I do not support what @ericomondi did. That was wrong and uncalled for, comedy or not but am glad he apologized and he admits it was inappropriate. This is a lesson to all of us. We should be careful what we post and release to the public.”

Kiboko tu ndio sikubebašŸ˜ 

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