Kibaki’s Grandson Jots Down A Beautiful Message. Is it Meant For His Ex Elodie?

They’ve been making headlines for a pretty long time, well since last year. Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew and his ex Elodie Zone, were last year the talk of town after their nasty break up.

elodie and sean

Youngsters who follow the two on social media were always drooling over their beautiful relationship. I must say, they looked good together. But their relationship didn’t last long and they publicly announced their break.

As is the norm with youngins, they threw shade at each other on social media, which is not something new. That’s what most kids do. They parade their love on social media and when they break up, they throw shade.


They accused each other of being responsible for the break up but later on, things cooled down. Sean has been taking to social media with quotes that show he is getting better by the day, but it seems he still isn’t over Elodie.

He again took to social media to jot down a beautiful message that read, “I’ll wait for you because I know i deserve you just as much as you deserve me 😊.”


Could this be directed to his ex or is it just a normal caption with no strings attached? Well, his fans seem to think the post was meant for Elodie.

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