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Khloe Kardashian sells borrowed dress from designer as mtumba 

A well known designer Christian Cowan is calling out Khloé Kardashian for selling a dress he *loaned* her.

Christian took to Instagram to accuse Khloe saying he loaned her the dress and she should have returned it. He claims he was shocked to see her reselling it as a second hand item on her website.

The designer claims Khloe was selling borrowed runway samples on her Kardashian Kloset website but supposedly she was never told to return the items.

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The Kardashians are known to sell items on their family’s second-hand online clothing store, Kardashian Kloset.

This is the dress. Cute ain’t it?

khloe loaned dress

On Sunday, Cowan posted on his Instagram story tagging her directly, saying he has made attempts to contact her but has failed to get a response.

Social media users responded to his post saying it’s a habit the Kardashians are used to, stealing people designs and passing them off as their own. Read the savage comments.

khloe kardashian has been consistently stealing designs from BLACK WOMEN designers. STOP supporting the kardashians!

Jayse Rednour..
just asking, would this not be her stylist’s fault? wouldn’t they be in charge of returning borrowed items as well as selling her pieces i’m ? doesnt excuse it though, your work is your work, just curious if a stylist would be the one who needs to take responsibility.

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This happens ALL the time. She’s been sued over & over but they make far more ripping people off then they do in settling.
Just so you, they have lost before on similar cases or settled out of court for a fraction of what they made. Make sure they pay your attorney fees & what your idea was worth. Good luck!
destiney bleu

I have a really good legal team, you should google me x KK for the backstory.

If this is happening to Christian Cowan, a celeb-loved designer with a relatively high profile, imagine the number of smaller, indie brands that have to deal with this kind of mess on a regular basis.

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But the designer loaned the pieces to her, didn’t gift them, which means by selling them she is literally making profit off of someone else’s property. This is obviously not done with the designers consent; if the pieces are taking up too much space give them back.

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Read about a number of designers being defrauded by these people. Rarely surprised by newer claims. They’ve cultivated their fortune by doing what they do best: appropriating.

You know these people have been stealing from other creatives for years. They give them no credit and no apology when caught, so why do y’all keep sending them samples of the things you’ve worked so hard to create? And you are surprised that this happened to you?

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