Cashy and Kaligraph

Khaligraph was being funded by older women while we were dating – Cashy

Khaligraph Jone’s ex Cashy has cleared the air on allegations that she has sponsors owing to lyrics from Khaligraph’s new song, adding that he is lying.

Khaligraph’s new song throws so much shade, but she says that Khaligraph is indeed the one who got financial support from older women.

“He was getting financial aid from various older female sources, this was also a reason why I left. When it comes to a time where you’re committed to someone and he is being financed elsewhere, it hurts.”

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She also opened up on the intimate details of how she put up with his infidelity adding that she was forced to leave after receiving threats from other women.

“Sometime in 2017 is when we broke up and after he said he will never introduce a woman to the limelight.

I left because it got messy to protect myself because you can’t let yourself be in a place you’re constantly unhappy despite who he or she is.

Stability mentally and physically comes first.”

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They say in a relationship it is about compromise, forgiveness and second chances but there comes a time when you decided enough is enough.

When threats started coming in, Cashy decided her relationship with Khaligraph was over.

“when I started getting threats from other women, I decided that is it enough,just because he was a celeb, the women came in and to make it worse he was entertaining it.

I was getting messages from women and compromising pictures of him with other women.”

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