Nadia Mukami

I’d choose Khaligraph over Octopizzo-Nadia Mukami stunningly reveals

Nadia Mukami isn’t afraid to speak her mind and has recently offered up her thoughts concerning who she would choose between rapper Khaligraph Jones over Octopizzo.

WCW: Nadia Mukami making major moves in the Music Industry

She revealed this stunning fact during an interview with Red Cross owned station Switch TV after she was asked who she would choose between the two.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

And was the chocolate beauty dating at the moment? “I find people putting my picture on their profile, putting me on their status, Instagram, Facebook saying I’m their girlfriend. Until I have posted someone don’t believe anything. Someone called me wifey and everyone was like, and I was like I don’t even like the guy” said Nadia.

Nadia Mukami

Nadia also explained that at the start of her career she had decided to use her talents instead of using her beauty or public stunts to promote her music.

“I feel like my talent is being appreciated because one thing about me is that when I was starting out I banked on my lyrics and my voice. Because I was like you are pretty yes but what if uchape overnight or something happens to you or you get these funny funny things that people in the industry bank on so I wanted to really come in the industry in a different way and I think lyrics and voice has super worked for me” added the Miss Mukami.

Nadia Mukami

And what is her process when making music?

“Mine is actually very different. I get instrumentals and demos then I write then I sit down and listen to the demos. After I have the demos I approach a producer and tell them I want this song completely different” said the singer.

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