Khaligraph Jones with Georgina Muteti and their daughter

Khaligraph Jones speaks about role having a daughter had on him (exclusive)

Khaligraph Jones has been the most consistent rapper the past few years. His name on a song almost always guarantees its success in Kenya.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

He is now the standard-bearer of the industry he once struggled to get a foothold on, which the muscly musician credits a lot of his success to God.

“I am very vocal about God. Me I am a Christian. My own mother is a preacher and I will always say that I am very grateful to Jesus for putting me in this position. Listen to my album and you will see how much I speak about God.”

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

How does he reconcile some of the secular subjects he sings about like Mazishi (Which means funeral in Swahili) with his view about God’s primacy in his life. “The music is for entertainment purposes,” he succinctly said.

Khaligraph Jones comes clean on new “beef” with Octopizzo (exclusive)

The rapper also explained that his family had played a big role in his maturity as a man saying that his daughter has changed the way he thinks about life.

“Everything changed for me. When you get a child, everything changes. The way you view life, the way you handle people. That is even one of the reasons I stopped doing the diss tracks so much. So for me to engage in beef…”

Khaligraph Jones with his daughter
Khaligraph Jones with his daughter

And would the artiste and his wife, Georgina Muteti be getting another child to keep company with their first child? His answer was hilarious, saying that he wasn’t the type of celeb to give “tea” about kids.

“Would he be getting another child? Hiyo udaku mimi sitaki. Hayo maneno tafuta kwa kina Muraya.”

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