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Finally!! Khaligraph Jones excited as he shares news of him being a dad

2019 seems to be looking up for Khaligraph Jones music wise and in his personal life. Jones will be a father soon and he revealed the news via social media.

Khaligraph shared a video of his girlfriend getting an ultrasound, something that most couples are always excited about.

He captioned the photo,

“Blessings on blessings. 2019. Finally.”

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Well, it’s going to be an exciting year for Papa Jones.

His ex girlfriend, has however come out to reveal details about their break up, making it clear that she is the one who left Khaligraph.

She also revealed that after the break up, she received threats from him and people close to him and she had to alert the authorities.

She has vowed to talk about it when the time is right.

“I took the time I needed to grow and free myself of a certain past that I can now openly share… I’ll be real about why I chose to leave a certain relationship.

I’ll discuss physical abuse, financial manipulation, emotional abuse, slander and threats on my life and well being.”

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