Khaligraph Jones showing his physique

If death comes it comes-Khalligraph Jones says after Kobe’s death(exclusive)

I recently spoke to Khaligraph Jones regarding his opinion on the death of Kobe Bryant. The real O.G is known to be a passionate basketball fan and was understandably saddened by the news of the NBA legend’s untimely demise.

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant

“It’s an unfortunate event. You don’t have to be a fan of his or a fan of the sport. It’s something that I wouldn’t want for anyone. It’s very sad.”

Kobe died after accomplishing a lot in his 41 years on earth and probably had a lot more to give the world. I asked the rapper whether the athlete’s death had made him think about his own mortality?

Khaligraph Jones posing
Khaligraph Jones posing

Khaligraph very matter-of-factly told me that it hadn’t changed his thinking. “For a person like me, mentally, I am always prepared. If death comes it comes and it’s inevitable at the end of the day and you never know when it might happen.”

He then added that this mentality had affected the way he approached his life.

“I keep an open mind and I am always ready for whatever. I try to make sure that the amount of time that I have here, I make the best of it. With every opportunity that I get, I try to maximise on it, cause you never know about tomorrow.”

Khaligraph Jones now a Nigerian citizen – Can you guess his new name?

His answer fascinated me and I asked him where he had gotten such a pragmatic view-point of life? The award-winner told me that the experiences he had faced earlier in his life had taught him a lot.

Khaligraph Jones, black and white photo
Khaligraph Jones, black and white photo

We have lost a couple of my family members. When you go through certain experiences they open your eyes and you are able to view life from a wide perspective.”

For those who don’t know, in 2009, Khaligraph lost his 7-year-brother in a drowning incident. That experience still haunts him to this day.

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