The rapper with Georgina Muteti, his wife

Khaligraph Jones speaks about when his wife is giving birth (exclusive)

Khaligraph Jones has been in the news recently for all the right reasons with his song, ‘Superman’ ruling the Kenyan rap charts.

Another reason is that his wife Georgina Muteti is heavily pregnant, a fact that the rapper is very proud of.

Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan 1
Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan

We recently spoke to him about the pregnancy and his wife. We asked him why he had decided to finally show off the face of his wife, Georgina.

He quickly responded that he did not like speaking about his wife in media interviews. But we cajoled him. He refuted the claim that people could see her face and said that the image obscured her face well enough.

Khaligraph with his wife
Khaligraph with his wife

We also asked the rapper when his baby was due. He was cagey, saying that we would know it when Georgina gave birth. After some persuasion, he revealed that the due date was ‘any time from now’.

Khaligraph-Jones-with Georgina
Khaligraph-Jones-with Georgina

We also spoke to the rapper about his new song, ‘Superman’ and the impact it has had on his reputation. He insisted that any song that he releases does well, saying,

The song I released before Superman was with Masauti and it served its purpose. The same thing with ‘Superman’. We knew exactly what we wanted to achieve with it and we did. The positive aftermath is visible.

A henched Khaligraph Jones
The henched rapper

He added that he was going to America later on in the week for a couple of events, revealing that the reason for his success was the cumulative work that he had been putting in over the length of his career.

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