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‘They are skinny!’ Khaligraph Jones starts beef with Sauti Sol

Khaligraph Jones went on the rampage for two days.

The reason?

The ‘peanuts’ Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) had sent him this past week, as royalty payments. They were a measly Sh 2530 for all the work he has done this past 2 years!

‘Thank you for the support’ Khaligraph Jones to his fans after bagging award for the Best Rap Act Africa during AFRIMMA 2018

The artiste went even so far as to tell pirates that they could sell his music and profit from it as he was fed up with the organisation. If you thought that that was far enough, you have no idea who the O.G really is, do you?

A henched Khaligraph Jones
The muscular rapper goes to great lengths for respect

He goes HAM.

In one hilarious dig, Khaligraph noted that MCSK was the reason that the Sauti Sol was so skinny, implying that the group were not paid enough for them to live on.

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

The image that accompanied the caption was even more humorous, with the artiste posting the picture of a hot cup of tea and a KDF.

His caption read;

Today is Payday, Lol, this is What Artists are Having for Dinner courtesy of MCSK alafu mnashindwa mbona wengine wamekonda, Sauti sol Sitawachokoza Tena, naelewa sasa.

The KDF image
The KDF image

For those in the know, Sauti Sol and Khaligraph Jone have a healthy and friendly back and forth and this dig is part and parcel of that. The two even collaborated on a song dubbed, ‘Rewind’ that was released last year.

Khaligraph Jones with Sauti Sol
Khaligraph Jones with Sauti Sol

He, later on, posted another rib-cracking video showing him spending the money and living large in Lagos.

He wrote,

Lagos Nigeria We here, Living my best life with my 2500 from MCSK but regardless, The OG shall push Boundaries, The OG shall Represent Kenya On That international Market, Some Sacrifices we make are For the greater good, The OG shall be respected.

The video is below;

MCSK paid a measly Sh2,500 to each of the 13,967 members. Following a social media backlash, the organisation said that the amounts are collections from public places for only two months.

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