Khaligraph Jones responds to Eric Omondi in this video

The game is far from over, from the look of things. Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones have been at each other’s necks for sometime now after Eric exposed the OG saying that Khali’s Range Rover is apparently not even his, but belong to some mama from Hurlingham.

When one of our writers reached out to Eric for comment, he only had this to say, “Queen Serem, Chorea hiyo story.”

eric black

Papa Jones on the other hand had quite a lot to say. He went ahead to shade the comedian, saying if he’s funded by old women he should stick to that and leave him alone.

I’m not one of those niggas wenye wanawekwa na wamama. I’m self made.Mimi ni OG, sipendangi ujinga. I hustle. Kama Eric anapatiwa gari zake na wamama, Its not the same for everybody out there. Aende Akule Anone. Yeye anang’ang’ana bado hana dooh bado. Aache kutafutana na wamama, atafute pesa yake.”


Eric then took to social media to throw shade at the OG. He offered to pay for Khali’s fuel and oil at a gas station.

He told one of the attendants, “Kuna Kijana anakuja hapa na Range Rover ya red. Muekee fuel ya 5k na check his oil umuekee ya 5k alafu hii mpatie ajishikie na akiuliza mwambie ni mheshimiwa.”


Trust Khaligraph to always have the hottest clap backs when someone comes for him. He took to social media to slap Eric with the response of the season warning him at the same time while dancing along to a gospel song.

He said, “Kwa yesu Hakuna Sponsor New Song Dropping ft Jimmy Gait 😂😂😂
Ambieni Uyo jamaa ende gas station aongezwe hewa ama aulize ule socialite mwenzake kitu ilimfanyikia last time alijaribu kucheza na OG, Mazishi ni ile ile, last Warning..”

Watch the video here.

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