It was painful!!Khaligraph Jones opens up on how he lost his brother in a drowning incident

Khaligraph Jones is a force to reckon with in the music industry, but not many know of his personal struggles as he mourns his brother.

The artiste, who  may easily pass like a tough guy, opened up about losing his brother in a drowning incident in 2009, something he says that he has never recovered from.

In the lyrics, he partly says

“Ushawahi kua na thoughts suicidal no need for survival dunia inakupiga vita and everyone is your rival. I have been there nilikosa makao na malazi pekee ndio aliniokolea na mbao ya mandazi but hamjui kuna time nimetingwa hadi indu ,For me to be here ni Mungu amekua akinilinda Makadara court case Kalighraph ameiba simu reason mpaka leo mi hukua nimeuma ndimu.”

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He also goes to divulge that his late dad battled diabetes

“Niko mnenge  tumbo inarequire dishi  uko mtaa dad anadedi na diabetes,In 2009 my little bro died in a swimming pool he was only 7 i still cant believe i lost a brother and it pains me so much juu mpaka leo sijarecover.”


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