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‘Leave me alone’ Khaligraph Jones tells critics to unfollow him

Khaligraph Jones has had enough with the haters and critics alike.

The rapper, who has been on high in recent weeks with a new single and the birth of his firstborn daughter, is taking no prisoners.

He did so on his Instagram stories. According to Khaligraph, no one can tell him how to live his life or how to carry himself; therefore these haters should leave him alone or unfollow him if they don’t like what he is doing.

Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter
Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter

This has come after the rapper was criticised last week by some who felt that he was shaking his infant too much in a video he posted. He went on to bash the mothers telling him how to handle his baby and as of now, the rapper has made it clear that if he makes anyone uncomfortable with what he posts, then they can unfollow!

That wasn’t all, his wife was also attacked for dressing her daughter in blue by some oversensitive Instagram users. It seems like the birth of his child has been a stalking horse for people who have a problem with the rapper.’

A henched Khaligraph Jones in white
The henched rapper

In this world of social media use and increasingly diverse opinions, the rapper and his ilk have become cannon fodder for the trolls.

Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter
Khaligraph Jones with his wife

This isn’t unique to him as this comes with the territory for a public figure. Both David Beckham and his wife Victoria were criticised by some of their followers on their respective Instagram pages after they posted images of themselves kissing their daughter Harper on the lips.

Beckham kissing Harper
Beckham kissing Harper

Some felt that it wasn’t right for parents to kiss their children directly on the lips.

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