Khaligraph jokingly reveals dark thoughts about ‘Juju’

Khaligraph Jones got Kenyans all up in their feelings about MCSK on Wednesday after learning he earned peanuts for music royalties.

On IG, he lamented in a hard hitting message.

The Mazishi hit maker even went further to give authorization for his music to be pirated.

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 Like that wasn’t enough, Wednesday evening the OG took to his Instagram once again claiming that he was on his way to Nigeria to seek “Juju Power,” that’s powerful than any other and by the time he returns MCSK ought to pay the over 13,000 Kenyan artists. He claims that the OG must be respected at all means.

Despite the mediocre, Papa Jones has claimed to still represent Kenya internationally regardless and to continue pushing boundaries nevertheless. He adds that some of the sacrifices he makes are for the greater good.

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