Dennis Oliech

Mom would still be OK – Dennis Oliech regret’s on mothers poor medical care

Dennis Oliech has been peeling back the layers of his life this past month, speaking about things that are/were close to his heart.

Some of the things that he has been opening up about are his kid brother Kevin Oliech’s last moments and regrets about allowing his mother to stop treatment in France and jet back home.

Dennis Oliech
Dennis Oliech

During an interview with Jalang’o on his YouTube channel, Dennis revealed that his mother who died on July 20, 2018, would still be alive if she had consulted proper medical experts and not quacks.

“The thing that killed my mother was dawa za kienyeji, hospital za mtaani, daktari hana equipment and they just want your money, I think that is what killed her.”

Mom’s hospital bill was around sh40 million while my brothers was sh84 million!-Dennis Oliech

He added,

“Mum would still be okay if she stayed in France. And she was close to God, that is why she survived, she was in a worse state than Kevin who was also diagnosed with cancer.”

Kevin Oliech
Kevin Oliech

Oliech also spoke about his brother Kevin who died in August last year from cancer too explaining how painful the experience had been for him.

“Life continued, then what hurt us again was Kevin because Kevin was close to me he was the only person I was telling my secrets. he was the one person I could open up to. and he will not reveal your secrets.”

The body of Kevin Oliech arriving
The body of Kevin Oliech arriving in Kenya last year

He continued,

“The good thing with Kevin, he knew his time was up. He was okay in Germany but he was in the final stages. We tried everything. He knows he was very loved. People love me for my name, but with Kevin, he was loved for him.”

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